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Monday, May 9, 2016


Perbualan Mak Tam Bedah dengan Mak Long Siah :

Mak Tam Bedah : Siah anak hang hak amik kursus Drebar kapai teghebang ari tu dah habih mengaji dah ka..kheja tang mana la ni??

Mak Long Siah  : Ooo..habih dah haih..dok kheja Sial ja..

Mak Tam Bedah : Hahh!!! kheja menatang apa yang Sial tu Siah..hang jangan.. gamak hang dok kata kat anak hang macam tu..kata-kata mak tu doa Siah ooi...bawak mengucap Siah aih..bawak sabaq kalau maghah pun..banyak Istigfar sama...

Mak Long Siah : La aku nak habaq lagu mana lagi kat hang pun tak tau.. dah memang dia dok keja Sial...tak kan aku nak kata dia kheja tak sial pulak..hang ni pun satu la Bedah.

Mak Tam Bedah : Ya la hang tu mulut celupaq sangat..belanja duit hantaq anak p belajaq bawak kapai teghebang..dah anak tu berjaya habih belajaq...tak kan la nak buat kheja sial pulak..

Mak Long Siah : Isshh..biaq p kat hang la..orang habaq tak pecaya..

SIALKOT: Air Sial, a new private airline being established under the supervision of Sialkot Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) will take to skies by the year-end.
Fazal Jilani, patron-in-chief of Air Sial and President of SCCI, made the announcement during a meeting at the SCCI Auditorium yesterday.
Air Sial management, he said, has formally started the registration of its directors.
“We are hopeful that Air Sial will be able to begin its operations by the end of current year after the completion of registration process. The airline’s official logo will be unveiled soon,” he told SAMAA.
“We had been deliberating to launch our own airline for a long time as Sialkot’s business community frequently travels abroad and domestically,” he said.
“Keeping this in mind, we decided to bring an airline which could provide better travel facilities to exporters as well as other passengers.
“Air Sial will offer five star services at an affordable price,” he said.
He said that Air Sial management was mulling over a proposal to buy Boeing 727-800 aircraft for its domestic and international flight operations.
Jilani hailed the project another landmark achievement of Sialkot’s exporters.
Jailani further said Sialkot’s business community had already completed different mega projects, including international airport, dry port and all main inter-city roads under the city development package, on the self-help basis.

Haaaaa!!...memang betui-betui SIAL la baq ang!!...hehehe

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