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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Once upon a time until present day...

First Disk Drive called IBM 350 and it be used for IBM 305 RAMAC computer system on September 13, 1956. You know how big IBM 350 ?? The 350's cabinet was 152cm long, 172cm high and 74cm wide..What!!! that size is bigger then washing machine even my fridge!!..maybe our thumb drive or micro sd card now can called this IBM 350 a dinosour....
And other specification of this IBM 350 is it just have 5MB capacity which is could have stored about two MP3 files... What!!! again!!...and as you can see at the picture above, this 350's weight is over a ton, had to be moved around with forklifts, and was delivered via large cargo airplanes.

Storage capacity about 128MB just moved around with your finger.. What!!!

The present day, 128 GB just moved around with your finger... and you know where that Micro SD data storage found yesterday ?? 
My wife found it in Washing Machine when she drain the water after finish her wash...
WHAT!!!!!... Oh data!!!! 

*Sometimes technology can make your life so bad ( too small and hard to find if lost ).. but if nobody think to invent this Micro SD card, can you imagine how many IBM 350 we need to store 128GB of data???

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